Erich Maria Remarque
(22.06.1898 - 25.09.1970)

With "Three Comrades" by Remarque my generation
is grown up...


22.06.1898 Born in Osnabrueck

1904-1912 School in Osnabrueck

1912-1916 Education for Catholic teacher

Remarque 1916 Call up to army

1917 First time at the front and wound

1918 Military hospital in Duisburg

1920 Temporarily a teacher

1922 Editor in Hannover

1924 Editor in Berlin

1933 Burning of Remarques' works in Berlin

1938 Denaturalization of Germany

Remarque 1939 Exile in USA

1939-1943 Los Angeles

1943 New York

1947 US-Citizenship

1948 Return to Europe

1948-1966 Residence in Switzerland (Porto Ronco) and New York

1967 Award of Federal Cross of Earn

1968 Member of Language and Poetry Academy in Darmstadt

25.09.1970 Death in Locarno

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